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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t poke holes in a potato before you put it in the microwave, will it explode?
It depends on the skin of the potato! Incidents of exploding potatoes are higher with thicker skinned potatoes such as the russet, over the Klondike potatoes that have very thin skin.

Why do potatoes turn green?
Potatoes turn green when exposed to light over a period of time. It indicates a high level of solanine content. Some potato varieties turn green more easily than others.

Is it alright to eat a green potato?
If your potato has just a little green on it, go ahead and use it, but if it has turned more than ½ green, don’t eat it. The greening makes them taste different and can be slightly toxic.

Should I soak or rinse my potatoes before using them?
Soaking and rinsing the potatoes will wash the extra starch out of them. For the most part, this is a good practice; however, there are some recipes that need the starch of the potato for the recipe to turn out properly.

Are potato skins healthy to eat?
Absolutely! The highest concentrations of nutrients are found in the skin of the potato.

What is the proper way to bake potatoes? Foil, or no foil?
Each of these options is a separate way of baking a potato! Neither way is the wrong way! When you wrap a potato in aluminum foil you are steaming the potato. It will make the skin and flesh soft. When you rub the potato with oil and place it in the oven, the fleshy inside bakes and the skin gets crispy. It also bakes more quickly. The proper way depends on how you like the potato to turn out!

How should I store my potatoes?
Potatoes should be stored in the bag or box they came in. Keep them covered and away from light. A cool dark place with a temperature ranging from 45-48°F is best.

How should I clean my potatoes? 
Whether boiling or baking, potatoes should be scrubbed lightly in water before preparing. However, if you don’t plan on using your potatoes immediately, do not wash them. They will go bad faster and possibly mold or rot before you can use them.

Some of my potatoes are done and others are not, what did I do wrong?
In order to get even cooking in any potato dish, cut the pieces as evenly as possible. This will ensure that the heat is evenly distributed and affects each potato piece the same.

What makes the Klondike Rose® so different?
The Klondike Rose® is a unique variety that combines a red skin and yellow flesh into one extraordinary potato. These potatoes have a unique bold taste. You can taste the difference.

Has anything been added to make them look like they do?
NO! These are all natural with nothing added and they are not processed in any way. They are just a wonderful new variety!