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Klondike Rose

Once or twice in a lifetime we are fortunate to find a new variety of potato that is truly extraordinary; so it is with Klondike Rose®. A beautiful rose-colored skin with an amazing gold-colored flesh and taste that is simply unbelievable! Combine this with a buttery texture so smooth and delicious that this is a truly remarkable potato.

Consumers have received this delicious new variety with great enthusiasm.

“I recently tried these Klondike Rose potatoes and they are FANTASTIC!” They taste great in any way you cook them!” Jack N. (Actual consumer).

“I purchased a bag of your Klondike Rose potatoes for a party. We baked some and grilled some at the party. Who would ever believe that the potatoes would be the first thing to be totally eaten at a party where there were many desserts and other dishes? My guests had not tried them before…they left the party ready to buy them too. Klondike Rose is indeed a great potato!” Larry Z. (Actual consumer)