Klondike Gourmet® Purples

Deep purple skin and fleshed baby potatoes

Small, oblong purple skinned potatoes with a purple flesh give your dishes great gourmet flair. These delicious little potatoes come in convenient 1.5 lb. packages that feed a family of four perfectly. Recipes on the back of the package give you great ideas to try these little potatoes, and once tried, you will be hooked!

  • Beautiful Purple Skin

    This unique potato offers a lovely purple skin, sure to please any potato lover!

  • Easy to prepare

    This simple, easy to prepare potato offers the ease of no peeling! Don’t worry about losing nutrition or time!

  • Klondike Gourmet® Purple-Purple

    These perfect purple potatoes come in a convenient 1.5 lb. package. Great for making a quick meal!

  • Miniature

    These adorable miniature potatoes offer robust gourmet flavor in a tiny portion.

  • Vibrant Purple Flesh

    This stunning potato offers a beautiful purple flesh. It allows you to add a unique twist to typical potato dishes.


Basic Cooking Instructions


Cut cleaned potatoes in wedges. Toss them with a mixture of 1 tablespoon (15mL) of melted butter, fresh chopped herbs, salt and pepper. Place in single layer in shallow pan and roast at 425° F (220° C) for 20 to30 minutes or until desired tenderness.


Steaming is a healthy, gentle way of cooking.

To steam:

Cut potatoes into even chunks or slices. Place potatoes in a colander or steamer basket over a pot of boiling water. Cover tightly, and steam for about 7-10 minutes, or until thouroughly cooked. Be aware that large pieces of potato (or whole potatoes) will take longer to steam.

Preparation Secrets

Add to warm potatoes

To ensure dressing coats potatoes well, add it to warm potatoes (even if you serve the salad cold).  The heat of the potatoes will melt the dressing ingredients slightly and distribute it throughout the salad more evenly.

Simple Skewers

Skewer small potatoes, brush them with oil and sprinkle with seasonings, then grill them for a great side of potatoes off the grill.

Use pan drippings for flavor

When roasting potatoes, use pan drippings from a roast, bacon drippings or lard for extra flavor.

Nutritional Information

High in Potassium

Who knew that a potato is a good source of potassium! It provides you with 620mg or 18% of the recommended daily value.  Potatoes rank as one of the top 5 fruits and vegetables with the most potassium. They even beat out bananas!  Getting the proper amounts of potassium is important; it can help in areas such as blood pressure, nerve signals and muscle movement.

Very Low in Calories

One medium potato contains only 110 calories. It is naturally fat, sodium and cholesterol free. That is one healthy vegetable!