Our Process


Great care is taken to ensure that Klondike Potatoes™ are the highest quality potatoes on the market today. Each Klondike Potato™ variety is rigorously tested before it ever makes it to the store shelf. Why, how, and what do we test? To completely understand our thorough testing process, we must go back seven hundred years.


Potatoes are native to the mountains of western South America. European explorers were introduced to potatoes while exploring modern-day Peru and Bolivia. These starchy vegetables grew in abundance and stored well, making them an ideal food source. Explorers took the potatoes back to Europe to cultivate and grow. Soon, potatoes spread throughout the world.

Today, potatoes are grown in almost every country in the world and in thousands of different varieties. In Peru and Bolivia alone, there are over 2,000 varieties of potatoes. Continued cultivation and growth in other countries is adding to the thousands of existing varieties.

Our dedicated team of specialists travel the world looking for new and unique varieties of potatoes. They look for characteristics like taste, appearance, storability, and how well they grow. Varieties that look and taste good, and grow and store well, are brought back to our labs where they undergo rigorous testing to eliminate undesirable traits.

The first step in the testing process takes place in a food lab. The potato varieties are cultivated to ensure each potato is disease-free.

Next, each variety of potato is planted and harvested in a condition-controlled green house to generate seed potatoes.

After five years of lab and green house testing, each of the controlled seed samples is planted in an open field. Fields are closely monitored and regularly tested to ensure they are disease-free and an optimal growing environment. The field testing process lasts two years.


Throughout the seven year process of testing, the viability of each variety of potato is continually monitored. Do they grow well? Do they store well? Are they resistant to diseases? Do they have a superior taste and appearance? If a particular variety fails in any of these areas during that seven year time, it is eliminated. Every Klondike Potato™ variety on the shelf at the grocery store has passed our rigorous testing process.

After finding the best varieties of potatoes, we work with each farmer to grow our tested potato varieties. Potato growth is monitored and special equipment is used to ensure potatoes are not damaged during harvest.

After harvest, the potatoes are sent to specially designed storage facilities where they are monitored for temperature, moisture, and disease.

The potatoes are then moved to a packaging facility where they are washed, sorted, sized, and packaged. Potandon's dedicated Quality Assurance staff works with each facility to ensure that every step of the process is effective, efficient, and results in a high-quality product. From there, the packaged potatoes are shipped to a store near you.

Immense planning, work, time, and dedicated man-power go into each stage of the development of our potatoes. We are committed to ensure each customer receives the highest quality potatoes at the best price. We enjoy doing the work we do, and know you will enjoy our Klondike Potatoes™.

Our potatoes are not genetically modified. They are created through standard breeding practices and conventional growing methods.